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Cassia Artanegara

Cassia Artanegara (she/her) explores the interconnected nature between the self, the other, and the collective whole through a variety of mediums including knitting & crocheting, code, photography, and writing. Her current focus is in exploring power relations in the data and technology ecosystem, and how we might reimagine a healthier one based on interdependence, care, and empathy. She currently lives on the ancestral and unceded land of the Chochenyo-speaking Ohlone people (Oakland, CA) and works as a UX Designer at Good Research. On her off time, you might find Cassia reading science fiction or biking to watch the sunset.


Featured Work

A knit sculpture exploring the cyclic and recursive nature of memory, time, and grief.

A zine to help technologists reflect on their role within the data ecosystem.

An interactive art activity for kids, teens, and parents to get curious about their online and offline selves. 

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